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Monthly Magazines

Thank you for your interest in our Mini Magazines to be shared with your customers either in printed form, HTML emails or both!

Here is a simple guide to supplying your content in the correct format to ensure a prompt and efficient service from the Property Collection.


  1. A standard mini-magazine has 4 pages of property and is recommended to be either half pages or quarter page layouts as demonstrated below. 
  2. It is vital that you label your images in line with the box number you want the property to sit in. For example – your first property will have 3 images called Box 1A, Box 1B, Box 1C. 
  3. You need to make sure you send us the right amount of copy, as too much or too little will lengthen the proofing process and mean more design hours required. We need approximately 80 words (circa 550 characters with spaces) for a half page and 40 words for a quarter page (see templates overleaf).
  4. Don’t forget to tell us about any flashes that need to appear such as ‘SSTC’ or ‘New Price’ as examples.


  1. On receipt of your monthly campaign/mini magazine email, raise a ticket by emailing detailing your mini-magazine and campaign requirements. Alternatively, you can complete the form on the ORDER TODAY page.
    NOTE: If you have requested items outside of your contracted items you will receive a quotation.
  2. Upload your photos to your Dropbox Folder assigned to you in your setup period. Each month we will create a folder per edition in your Dropbox folder so things don’t get messy! 
  3. Watch out for an email notification from the ticketing system with a proof attached for your approval. Once approved, you will receive via the ticketing system your PDF in High- Resolution format, Low Resolution format and HTML email stationery where applicable.
  4. Print, Email and Share with your clients


This monthly publication is a great tool to interact with your customers. Our members have received great success by adding bespoke content  each month to engage their target audience and encourage sharing.

Below are examples of the pages our members have added rich content to their publications.


Below is an example of both types of layouts available for your Mini Magazine and displays the numbering order clearly for your images. You can have all half pages or quarter pages and adjust the numbering sequence accordingly.


It is best to provide high quality resolution JPG images so you can use the Mini Magazine in a printed format, these are usually between 1MB - 5MB in size. This is why using Dropbox is a better method of image transfer.
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